Juan Jose Origel Reconnects With Ventaneando

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.22.2018 - Televisión

juan+jose+origelJuan Jose Origel was back on “Ventaneando” after years of not being on the show!

He and Pati Chapoy kicked off the show two decades ago – but he later left and joined Televisa for many years.

Now that he is not exclusive to any network, he has gone back to his roots on the gossip show – at least for an episode.

Larry Hernandez Shows Gruesome Injuries From Bicycle Accident

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.22.2018 - Larry Hernandez

larry+hernandezLarry Hernandez‘s accident was a lot more serious than most think.

A few weeks ago, he suffered an accident on a bicycle. Most people thought it was a motorcycle, but nope.

Because of his reality show and tendency of celebs to exaggerate dramatically, most thought he would be OK shortly after. Turns out it was pretty gruesome.

Larry posted new video online showing the injuries to his face and they are horrific.

We certainly wish him a speedy recovery.

Gabriel Soto Vindicated After Test Shows Julian Gil is Father

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.22.2018 - Gabriel Soto

gabriel+sotoWhat does Gabriel Soto have to say now that it has been scientifically proven that Julian Gil is the father of Marjorie De Sousa‘s baby??

He posted this statement online:

“Para toda la gente y la prensa que me difamó, me calumnió, especuló, y me insultó en este tema tan delicado sin pensar en el daño moral que le provocaron a mi familia, a mis hijas y a mi matrimonio. Ahí está la verdad!!! La que siempre defendí y por la que muchas veces salí a dar la cara!!! Ahí están las pruebas!!!!
Que quede de reflexión que antes de juzgar e inventar hay que conocer la verdad!!!!”

So does this mean he is officially out of the drama circus that is Marjorie and Julian???

Thalia in Mexico For Grandmother’s 100th Birthday

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.22.2018 - Thalia

thalisThalia was with her grandmother for her 100th!

Laura Zapata threw grandma a birthday party in Mexico and invited Thalia – and she surprised everyone by showing up.

This means that Thalia and Laura put aside their differences (at least for a day) to celebrate their abuela.

Thalia says she is blessed to see her grandmother reach the 100 year mark – but the singer cut her trip to just one day since she had to hurry back to New York to see her daughter’s school recital.

Alejandra Guzman Fans Accuse Her of Getting Work Done on Face

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.22.2018 - Alejandra Guzman

guzmanFans are accusing Alejandra Guzman of getting a ton done on her face!

The singer connected with her audience via Facebook Live and was taking questions from her faithful followers – but they were more about the changes in her appearance than anything else.

The questions and comments coming in were about Alejandra going overboard on Botox, doing too much on her face, and looking completely different.

We’re not sure if it’s true that she got work done…but we agree that she certainly is looking different!

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