Walter Mercado King of Puerto Rican Day Parade

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.29.2017 - Walter Mercado

walter+mercadoWalter Mercado will be the king!

The famous psychic will be the king of the Puerto Rican Day parade in New York in June.

He shares this honor with mega stars like Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, and Jennifer Lopez – all have been parade royalty.

What a nice surprise for him…but, he probably already knew this was coming, right?

Sebastian Zurita Could be Playing Luis Miguel

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.29.2017 - Sebastian Zurita

sebastian+zuritaSebastian Zurita might just be playing Luis Miguel in the series about his life.

The actor explains that nothing is set in stone but that he was contacted about possibly taking the role of a young Luismi in the show.

Sebastian says he is in a musical that has him singing in some scenes – and some producers took note that he could actually hold a note.

We can see this happening and already many fans are hoping to see this too.

El Chapo De Sinaloa Wants to be Mayor

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.29.2017 - RegionalMex

chapoFrom music to politics!

El Chapo De Sinaloa has his eyes set on a political position in Mexico.

The singer, real name Ernesto Perez, will be running for mayor of Bahía de Banderas, a suburb of Puerto Vallarta, as an independent candidate.

If you’re thinking about the name ‘Chapo’ and the issue of him running for office, worry not. In his case, it’s meant to simply indicate a ‘short’ person – and not someone in power and drugs as the word is now know for.

Cristian Castro Visits Jose Jose

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.29.2017 - Cristian Castro, Jose Jose

cristian+castro+jose+joseCristian Castro is Jose Jose‘s godson – and, knowing that JJ is facing pancreatic cancer, CC went to visit him.

He says Jose Jose is positive that he’s going to get better and mentioned that he looks great despite what he is facing.

Cristian said “Espero que mejore su salud y salga victorioso de este problema que tiene. Durante la visita lo vi bien, está hablando sin ningún problema, lo cual me da gusto y le mando un abrazo.”

We sure hope so.

Jose Jose Warns Fans of People Asking For Money For Him

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.28.2017 - Jose Jose

jose+joseJose Jose wants everyone to know that he is not asking for money.

The singer recently confirmed that he is facing pancreatic cancer – and shortly after several social media profiles started asking fans for money to supposedly help the singer.

Jose Jose asks everyone to ignore these requests and NOT send dinero. He said:

“No se dejen sorprender por la gente que empieza a pedir dinero, quesque para mí. Yo no estoy pidiendo más que su cariño y sus oraciones. Toda esa gente que empieza a pedir dinero es para ellos. No se dejen sorprender porque a mí mi familia, mis amigos y Sony, mi compañía de discos, me tienen absolutamente cobijado y cubierto de mis necesidades. Cuidado a mis amigos de Puerto Rico, no se dejen sorprender por un tal Javier que está pidiendo, qué bárbaro, 250 dólares por persona. Por favor, no le den nada a nadie. Yo no estoy necesitando nada.”

We’re sure plenty of fans would want to help out…but it appears he doesn’t need it.

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