Chino Debuts Platinum Grey Hair

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.24.2016 - Chino y Nacho

chinoLook who’s got a new look!

Chino, of Chino y Nacho, debuted a new look and it’s all in the hair.

He traded in the black for platinum grey. He says he did it because he was told that he wasn’t capable of doing it.

So, the obvious question…do you like or no??

Kalimba Hospitalized With Rapid Heart Rate

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.24.2016 - Kalimba

kalimbaKalimba was hospitalized in Puebla, Mexico.

“Formula Espectacular” reports that he needed medical attention for tachycardia – he felt ill and had an abnormally rapid heart rate.

It’s being said that he simply had one too many energy drinks.

No official word yet on how he is doing but some reporters in Mexico are saying he has been released and is doing just fine.

Demian Bichir Asks People to Vote…and Not For Trump

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.24.2016 - Chisme

demianDemian Bichir is doing his part to get people to vote.

He uploaded a couple of videos to social media to remind his followers about the importance of registering to make their voices heard.

Demian said people shouldn’t allow others to make choices for them, and clearly took a jab at Trump by also saying that nobody should allow an ignorant clown to make the decisions of the country.

It’s coming down to the wire and celebs are doing what they can to influence.

Anahi Naming Her Baby Manuel

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.24.2016 - Anahi

anahiAnahi has revealed that she is naming her baby…Manuel!

She posted a photo on social media of a blue baby outfit with the word Manuel.

So technically, he’ll be Manuel Jr since daddy’s name is also Manuel.

Silvia Pinal Family May Play Themselves in Series on Her Life

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.24.2016 - Silvia Pinal

silviapinalThere is a show about the life of Silvia Pinal that is being created right now – and there is an interesting anecdote about the casting.

Of course, who will play Silvia is up in the air as of now, but it’s the family members that make this peculiar.

We all know that Silvia has famous folks in her brood and there is a possibility that they may play themselves in the series!!

Alejandra Guzman as Alejandra Guzman!

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