Chiquis Rivera Ends Up At Hospital

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.16.2017 - Chiquis Rivera

CRChiquis Rivera has seen better days.

She was admitted to the hospital, but didn’t say why.

It doesn’t appear to be so serious since she was still on social media.

Whatever it may be, get better, Chiquis.

Zoe Saldaña Says Donald Trump Was Bullied

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.16.2017 - Zoe Saldaña

ZSZoe Saldaña made it quite clear that she supported Hillary Clinton during the presidential elections.

It came as a surprise when she said Donald Trump had been bullied, but also explained her opinion.

This is what she said:
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Carlos Villagran Not Playing Kiko Again

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.16.2017 - Chisme

carlos+villagranCarlos Villagran is saying goodbye to Kiko forever.

The “El Chavo del 8″ actor has been playing the character for over four decades and is finally letting it go.

His son spoke with the press and said that it’s time for Carlos to no longer play Kiko. One of the main reasons is that he is too old to play him. Kids would go to see him live and would be in shock at how much older he was in real life versus the show.

“El Universal” reports that he spent the last three years traveling the world on a Kike farewell tour.

Carlos is now starting anew with his acting career – playing much more conventional roles.

Eiza Gonzalez Car Crash Leaves Her Black and Blue

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.16.2017 - Eiza Gonzalez

eizaEiza Gonzalez had a pretty gnarly car accident but fortunately she is fine.

The Mexican actress has a few bruises these days thanks to a car crash that pretty much destroyed her vehicle.

Though there are few details, we know the impact was hard enough that the airbags went off – but she assured everyone that she is OK.

Arnaldo Albornoz Killed

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.16.2017 - RIP

arnaldoTV host Arnaldo Albornoz was murdered.

He was celebrating a friend’s birthday Saturday night in the Venezuelan capital and was killed on his way home. It’s presumed that his life was taken to simply rob him.

Arnaldo was known for hosting celebrity news show “La Bomba” on Televen.

The photo you see here is the last picture he shared on social media – a couple of hours before he was attacked.

Another life taken in the violence of Venezuela. Our condolences to his friends and family.

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